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♬ fanmix - sam linnfer - the man of a thousand faces

C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER. About time the endless stream of that we should voyage far chapters got broken up a little. B||

Medium: Books
Fandom: The Waywalkers duet
Subject: Sam Linnfer
Title: the man of a thousand faces
Warnings: None, other than a really obscure fandom. :’>
Notes: So basically the Waywalkers duet is a series of two books that needs more love. Seriously, it is so obscure and it makes me sadfais. :c BASIC PLOTLINE IS the main character, Sam, is the Son of Time and Magic, aka actually the Devil Incarnate in disguise as a mortal, but in actual fact he’s a decent chap trying to live a quiet existence in London. Except that that all goes tits-up when a friend of his who just happens to be Freya (as in, Norse mythology Freya) dies and he’s propelled into what turns out to be basically trying to stop the end of the universe. So what this means is that it is an epic series and you should all go and read it right now. 8D Oh, and the guy on the cover of the mix is Ben Whishaw, the actor I (and almost every other Sam player on LJ because there’s so few of us sob) use for a PB in the RP I play him at. :>

Also, a thousand thanks go to Shiro for introducing me to the final song, holy crap! It’s perfect and Sam’s theme song, I swear.

regina spektor – the man of a thousand faces
There must be a religion somewhere that classifies me as the faceless man. I wish they understood how hard it is to be faceless.”
The man of a thousand faces//sits down at the table//eats a small lump of sugar//and smiles at the moon like he knows her

the weepies – nobody knows me at all
“If there was one thing Sam liked about working as... whatever he was, he enjoyed the mystery accorded him by other people. It gave him great satisfaction to take the same trains, eat the same meals, wait at the same bus stops, and still be above it all, if only in the wild, fantastical tales told by everyone around him.”
When I was a child everybody smiled//nobody knows me at all//very late at night and in the morning light//nobody knows me at all//now I got lots of friends, yes, but then again//nobody knows me at all…//I don't give a damn, I'm happy as a clam//nobody knows me at all

david ford – this city’s cold and i could use a friend
“In the past he’d sought out company and friendship, and with these had come the responsibilities of help and caring. He’d even reveled in fighting other people’s battles, riding the bliss of faith in his friends. Faith had been a luxury often denied him and in companionship at last he’d found some.”
I’ve done it all, yeah, I’ve seen some places//could fill the souls of the greyest little men//but I left my heart on stony beaches//and this city’s cold and I could use a friend

indigo girls – the girl with the weight of the world in her hands
“He stared down at her guiltily, feeling the horrible truth press against his tongue, demanding to be spoken. No, he wanted to say. This is your great chance. This is your life, and Heaven or Hell is merely what you’ve made of it. Real Heaven, the place on the other side of the Portal, is somewhere neither you nor I can go.
“Is the glass half full or empty?” I ask her as I fill it//she said "it doesn't really matter, pretty soon you're bound to spill it"//with the half logic language of the sermon she delivers//and the way she smiles so knowingly at me gives me the shivers//I pull the blankets higher when I'm finally safe at home//and she takes a hundred with her but she always sleeps alone//the girl with the weight of the world in her hands

nelly furtado – try
““So I destroyed the Eden Initiative. Whoohoo. Good on me. At least your son can feel something, even if the father has the emotional competence of a brick. So what now? If you let me live you really ought to ask my nice brothers if they’ll let me live. And if you let me live, let me live for my sake, not for yours. Father? You cannot have me believe that I was created as… as a machine, to perform a task and so die. At least pretend you care.””
Then I see you standing there//wanting more from me//and all I can do is try//then I see you standing there//I'm all I'll ever be//but all I can do is try

voltaire – almost human
““Do you really believe that?” he demanded. “Surely you of all people don’t believe in the Garden?”

“Well, what was it you were banished for?”

“I was banished for following my conscience, and you people should all damn well thank me for it!””

What did I ever do to you//that you should treat me this way?//is it really such a crime//for an angel to speak his mind? …I'm just like you//made by he//despised by they//I'm almost me//I'm nearly human//look at me, I’m almost a human being

kansas – carry on my wayward son
““From the first moment you discharged the Light, you’ve been losing yourself in a sea of minds. That’s why the Light has such a bad effect on you – you drown in other minds, while your own thoughts could be anywhere.””
Once I rose above the noise and confusion//just to get a glimpse beyond the illusion//I was soaring ever higher, but I flew too high//though my eyes could see I still was a blind man//though my mind could think I still was a mad man//I hear the voices when I'm dreamin'//I can hear them say//carry on my wayward son//there'll be peace when you are done//lay your weary head to rest//don't you cry no more

muse – butterflies and hurricanes
““There’s more,” murmured Buddha, seeing Sam’s eyes go distant. He leant forward and spoke urgently. “Cronus. If Seth releases Cronus, who besides you can prevent Cronus from overthrowing Time? Time defeated Cronus once before, but there’s little chance of a repeat victory. He’s too stretched; too much of his energy is focused merely on sustatining the universe. If Seth decides that the threat of Cronus isn’t enough in itself – if he were fool enough to actually free him, you’re the only person who might stop him.””
Change everything you are//and everything you were//your number has been called//fights and battles have begun//revenge will surely come//your hard times are ahead//best, you've got to be the best//you've got to change the world//and use this chance to be heard//your time is now

regina spektor – après moi
““Yet you say he deliberately made sure Magic conceived you. Why?”

“To use me. Just because Time doesn’t affect human lives, he’s not above letting humans affect humans, or even immortals. He created me so that I could make some piece of history happen in a certain way. Why, I don’t know. What, I don’t know. But I’m sure that, when that history is supposed to be made, I’ll spot it. Time is not an entity who’d create a pawn and let it waste its life – his life – on a worthless cause.””

I must go on standing//you can't break that which isn't yours//I must go on standing//I'm not my own, it's not my choice

Après moi, le deluge: After me comes the flood

two gallants – fly low carrion crow
“”Do not seek to be a Son of Time. Do not seek to see everything you hold dear pass away, to be replaced by new hope that, again, passes away. Do not seek to see as clearly as Time makes his Children see. If you had seen the things that I have seen, or the things that I must see before I die… well, no more of that. You see what you want to see and, while it lasts, that is a marvellous blessing. If we saw what was really there, who would be able to face Time with a steady eye?””
Drop me high into the depths below//for the things I’ve seen no one else should know… but I warn you now of an end foretold//and a lifelong waiting for death’s parole

simon & garfunkel – scarborough fair/canticle
“His voice seemed very loud and as he plodded down the empty pavement he began to sing again under his breath, focusing all his attention on the words to try and keep out the few thoughts that did crawl into his mind. “Are you going to Scarborough fair….?””
Are you going to Scarborough Fair?//parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme//remember me to one who lives there//she once was a true love of mine

muse – map of the problematique
““Oh for Time’s sake, this is too pathetic! You’d end the universe because you’ve had a bad century?””
No one thinks they are to blame//why can't we see that when we bleed we bleed the same?

mumford & sons – white blank page
“”I do love you, Lucifer. I want you to know that.”

“I love you, too. I know it doesn’t matter, though.””

So tell me now, where was my fault//in loving you with my whole heart?

newton faulkner – i need something

I’m sick and tired of getting nowhere//I guess it’ll all work out//and I don’t mind anymore//I don’t mind anymore

mumford & sons – roll away your stone
““No, seriously. What effect would pure darkness have on the world, were it released?”

She looked uncomfortable. “I don’t know. Kill everything, I guess.”

“And what’s the effect of the so-called ‘Light’ in me? […] It burns. It blinds. It consumes its vessel and opens the souls of men, removes every stitch of human privacy and bares the darkest, deepest thoughts of mortal minds, makes them sing their lies and selfish plans to him who hears. It only makes the lies and the hatred sing, though. It opens none of the goodness in the heart. Subjected thus, is it really so surprising that the Devil should possess it?”

You told me that I wouldn't find a home//beneath the fragile substance of my soul//and I have filled this void with things unreal//and all the while my character it steals//Darkness is a harsh term don't you think?//yet it dominates the things I see

And you, you've gone too far this time//you have neither reason nor rhyme//with which to take this soul that is so rightfully mine

tilly and the wall – the freest man
Watch your son make a miracle, Father. See why you are so afraid of me! […] No wonder the Children of Magic are banished from Heaven! For we are the ones who make the impossible come to life, and if you cannot stop my brothers then you cannot stop me!

I defy you, Father. There is no such thing as fate!

This boy I know, he is pure of soul//he just gets lost sometimes in his chemicals//under a coat of night, it's oh-so-comforting//and that first breaking light becomes his enemy… you try your hardest to rewind the tapes//but you're prepared everyday//to make the same mistakes//step out of that life//it's nowhere near your time//and don't forget that you called it all bullshit//well it still is and if you stop giving into it//you will walk away the freest man

terami hirsch – little light
“< Good luck, light and fire. >

< Little in both, so I’m constantly told. >

< The ones who fear you tell you that. You make miracles. Balder would be proud of you. >”

Little light, how are you//holding back the big, dark night//fighting everything around you?//little light, you are ready for your
time of illumination//and if it's radioactive//you won't care

Little light, how are you holding back the big, dark night//fighting everything around you?//little light, you look for signs
that say you're wanted//that you were always meant to shine//a counterglow in an infrared sky//what could you be?//what could you be?//when it's dark you dream of obsidian fires

Find all songs plus cover art in a .zip file here!
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