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Because I apparently can't be counted on to write long things in a timely fashion right now, but I still want to be creative, I bring you:

The 50 Sentences Meme

❶ Reply here with a pairing, a character, or a bunch of people
❷ Pick a theme set from the 1sentence writing challenge meme
❸ I write 50 sentences (feel free to specify a rating!)

You probably already know which fandoms I will write for, but I will list them anyway for ease of choosing: the Dramadramaduck universe, Hetalia, Doctor Who, Gundam 00, Ace Attorney, Persona 3 or 4, and Kingdom Hearts are the main ones, and feel free to request fandom crossovers, too! If there's a fandom you know that I know and want me to try for that's not listed here, just ask and I'll see if I can try to give it a go or not. ;3; I-It'll be easier with fandoms and characters I know well, obviously, but I enjoy a challenge. >3>
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