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✎ drabble/ficlet - gundam 00/doctor who/ddd - [untitled]

Title: [untitled]
Fandom: Gundam 00/Doctor Who (DDD-verse)
Characters: Lyle Dylandy, the Tenth Doctor
Rating: So G. |D;;
Summary: Lyle wishes he knew what the hell was going on these days.
Word Count: 690
Notes: I am impatient for starting End of Time plot in December. Other than that I have no excuse for this. 8|;;;
Warnings: Possible vague spoilers for the End of Time? Also, heavily AU in both fandoms. 8Db

✎ ✎ ✎

Lyle wishes he knew what the hell was going on these days. Because to him, it seems like the members of Celestial Being have been collectively losing their heads for the past four months or so, all over this one man.

And sure, Lyle gets that he’s someone incredibly important to them, for some reason or another. But Lyle doesn’t know him at all. So when Tieria is flying into a wide-eyed rage and Neil looks about ready to both throw up and punch a wall and even Setsuna – who Lyle’s never seen show more emotion than your average bookcase – looks shocked and crushed, all Lyle wants to know is why. Just what the hell makes this guy so important?

He doesn’t get much of a coherent answer from Tieria – not that he was expecting one, really – but when all he can get from Neil is a short, sharp “He saved our lives”, laden down with the implication of “but we couldn’t do even that much for him”, Lyle just stops asking.

It isn’t until he meets the man himself properly almost two months later that he starts to get it. Once again the entire crew is in an uproar over the impossible return of their friend, and Lyle does the best thing he can do at that point and just stays out of the way.

It isn’t until things have died down a little that he actually talks to him.

He knows that things haven’t been easy for the poor guy – heck, he thinks to himself, of course they haven’t, coming back from the dead can’t be easy – and the expressions of the rest of the crew haven’t shifted from ‘worried almost to death’ since he got here, so he can’t be doing well. But when they bump into each other in the maintenance bay, he doesn’t look that bad.

He’s sitting, his long limbs all curled up, with a few spare parts in one hand, a weird glowing thing with a blue light at the end in the other. He’s also wearing a blue Celestial Being uniform. That’s new, Lyle thinks; he doesn’t think he’s seen the man in anything other than a suit before.

He must be louder than he thought, because the other man looks up suddenly, catching Lyle looking at the jacket, and he shrugs, smiling wryly.

“I always wanted one of these jackets,” he says, almost sounding amused. “Ended up being so involved with this lot in the end that I might as well have been a full member of it all.” He snorts derisively. “Well, looks like I am now, since I’m stuck here.”

Lyle isn’t sure what to say to that, but then the other man looks right at him, brown eyes staring piercingly into his. “You’re Lyle, aren’t you?”

For a moment, Lyle’s so shocked that he doesn’t speak, just nods, dumbfounded. The other man’s smile suddenly becomes a lot more genuine. “Thought so. Your hair’s ever so slightly curlier than your brother’s, did you know that?”

“Strangely enough,” Lyle says dryly, finding his voice again, “We’re identical, so no I didn’t.”

His companion shrugs, raising an eyebrow. “You look identical to humans, yeah, but your senses are quite frankly a little bit rubbish, so it’s a good job for both of us I’m not one, isn’t it?”

Lyle smiles, amused. “Okay, I’ll give you that.” He moves closer to the man, sliding his back down the wall until he’s sitting next to him. “You’re the Doctor, right?”

“That’s me,” the Doctor says, some of the joviality leaving his tone. He mutters darkly, almost as an afterthought, “Or well, one of by now, I suppose.”

“One of?” Lyle says, half dry and half puzzled. The Doctor just offers him a ghost of a smile and says, “Never mind. Let’s just say there was a bit of a bad day.”

For the second time in as many minutes, Lyle’s words decide to turn tail on him and he doesn’t reply; or maybe he just can’t.

At that moment, he doesn’t think he’s ever seen anyone with eyes that old and sad.
Tags: canon: doctor who, canon: dramadramaduck, canon: gundam 00, character: lyle dylandy, character: ten, crossover, fannish, fic, rp-based, type: au
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