November 16th, 2011

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✎ fanfic - supernatural - blow on the spirit with the body's breath

Title: blow on the spirit with the body's breath
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: Dean Winchester, Castiel
Pairing?: Dean/Castiel
Rating: R for non-explicit sexual situations
Summary: So yeah, it’s weird, this thing with Cas, but Dean’s just about getting used to it. Used to it enough that he stops questioning so much, anyways, but for all of Castiel’s assurances that he’s just experiencing everything through some weird kind of angelic Cas-filter, there’s one thing that still makes him wonder, sometimes.
Word Count: 2885
Notes: Miri posted something on tumblr about Dean's handprint scar. I said I'd write something about it and... ended up writing something that is more about intimacy than sex and takes over 1000 words to even mention the handprint scar. Whoops? Also asexy!Cas somehow snuck his way in there. Which I am completely fine with because the fandom needs more of him. Title is from Lisel Mueller's poem "A Long Way From Hell".
Warnings: Sexual situations and mentions of Hell. I think that's about it?

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