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♬ fanmix - castiel<>river tam - we are displaced

Medium: TV/LJ RP
Fandom: Supernatural/Firefly/Dramadramaduck
Subject: Castiel<>River Tam
Title: we are displaced
Warnings: None!
Notes: CROSS-CANON MOIRALLEGIANCES, GO. also this would be the second mix i have made for a set of mine and ichi's cr, what is my life sobbbb

danny elfman – moon dance

the decemberists – of angels and angles
there are angels in your angles. there’s a low moon caught in your tangles.

florence + the machine – throwing bricks
i built a man and cut his skin and lived inside his heart. i pumped it with my fingertips and loved it from the start. and with every beat i gave him a heartbeat of my own. and filled his veins with the blood i had till his blood was my own.

anberlin – the unwinding cable car (aol sessions)
emotive unstable, you’re like an unwinding cable car. listening for voices, but it’s the choices that make us who we are. this is the correlation of salvation and love.

the fray – look after you
“this most assuredly counts,” she says most assuredly. i’ll look after you. it’s always have and never hold, but you’ve begun to feel like home.

eels – my beloved monster
wearing a raincoat that has four sleeves gets us through all kinds of weather.

azure ray – displaced
i’m looking up, not looking down. and when i’m standing still watching you run, watching you fall, fall into me. am I making something worthwhile out of this place? am I making something worthwhile out of this chase? i am displaced.

greg laswell – comes and goes
this one’s for the lonely. the ones that seek and find. only to be let down time after time. this one’s for the torn down. the experts at the fall. come on, friends, get up now. you’re not alone at all.

linkin park – hands held high (piano)

Find all songs plus cover art in a .zip file here!
Tags: canon: dramadramaduck, canon: firefly, canon: supernatural, character: castiel, character: river tam, crossover, fannish, mix, pairing: cas+river

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