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♬ fanmix - dean/castiel - love-ology (i'm sorry-ology, forgive me-ology)

Medium: TV
Fandom: Supernatural
Subject: Dean/Castiel
Title: love-ology (i'm sorry-ology, forgive me-ology)
Warnings: Vague spoilers for all of season six right up to 6x20.
Notes: I've actually been sitting on this mix for a couple of weeks now - it started coming together around the time My Heart Will Go On aired but I didn't want to do anything with it because some of the songs were only on there based on the promo photos for 6x20. And well, now that it's aired, some of the songs fit even better than they did before, so here we go, one fanmix for you all. This mix is heavily based on Dean and Cas's relationship in s6.

Adele – Someone Like You castiel → dean
i heard that you settled down, that you found a girl, that you’re married now. i heard that your dreams came true. i guess she gave you things i never gave to you. […] i hate to turn up out of the blue uninvited but i couldn’t stay away, i couldn’t fight it. i had hoped you’d see my face and that you’d be reminded that for me it isn’t over.

never mind; i’ll find someone like you. i wish nothing but the best for you, too.

Ingrid Michaelson – Corner of Your Heart castiel → dean
there’s a corner of your heart for me. there’s a corner of your heart just for me. i will pack my bags just to stay in the corner of your heart. there is room beneath your bed for me. there is room beneath your bed just for me. i will leave this town just sleep underneath your bed.

Amanda Palmer – Astronaut: A Short History of Nearly Nothing dean & castiel
but i am still not getting what i want. i want to touch the back of your right arm. i wish you could remind me who i was. cause every day i’m a little further off.

and is it getting harder to pretend? that life goes on without you in the wake? but can you see the means without the end? the random frantic action that we take. is it getting easier not to care? despite the many rings around your name.

Missy Higgins – 100 Round the Bends dean → castiel
so jump in my car, we’ll go 100 round the bends. we’ll take this road until we’re back where we started again. jump in my car, we’ll go 100 round the bends. and we’ll pretend that feeling rage is feeling real.

you were everything for a little while. but i broke it, i broke it, i broke it, i broke it, didn’t i?

The Hush Sound – Hurricane dean → castiel
you’re standing in my doorway seven cities ago. the days are racing but you come back too slow. but you’re the finest thing that i’ve done. the hurricane i’ll never outrun. i could wait around for the dust to still. but i don’t believe that it ever will.

The National – Start a War dean → castiel
we expected something, something better than before. we expected something more. you were always weird, but i have never had to hold you by the edges like i do now. walk away now, and you’re gonna start a war.

The Cure – Push dean & castiel
go go go. push him away.

Blood Red Shoes – Heartsink dean & castiel
and we’ll sacrifice for the opposites, because there must be more and we know it. we’ve heard it all ten thousand times. can you feel your heart sink? i can feel mine.

The National – Slow Show castiel → dean
i made a mistake in my life today. everything I love gets lost in drawers. i wanna start over, i want to be winning. way out of sync from the beginning. i wanna hurry home to you, put on a slow, dumb show for you to crack you up.

Laura Marling – Night Terror castiel → dean
if i look back and he is screaming (i’d left him dreaming, the dangers fade), i’ll run back and shake him tightly, and scream “if they want him, then they’re gonna have to fight me.”

Adele – Set Fire To The Rain dean → castiel
my hands, they’re strong. but my knees were far too weak. to stand in your arms without falling to your feet. but there’s a side to you that i never knew, never knew. all the things you’d say, they were never true, never true. and the games you play, you would always win, always win.

i set fire to the rain. watched it pour as I touched your face. well, it burned, and i cried, cause I heard it screaming out your name. i set fire to the rain, and i threw us into the flames. where I felt something die, cause I knew that that was the last time.

Beth Orton – Pieces Of Sky dean → castiel
these memories are just pieces of sky. pieces of something much bigger than i. to anyone else, just endless blue. i see time framed, an image of you.

when it’s over, it’s over. i best get busy living. you’ll be a long time gone.

Find all songs plus cover art in a .zip file here!
Tags: canon: supernatural, character: castiel, character: dean winchester, fannish, mix, pairing: dean/castiel

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